Saturday, April 29, 2017

Shopping for Safe and Edible Plants Locally

There are many plants and flowers that are safe for your bird, some are even edible providing health benefits as well as tasty treats.  A great place to find healthy plants and information can be right in your own backyard so to speak.

Check out plant sales sponsored by your local Master Gardeners Association and help support local volunteer gardeners and their special projects in your area.

These groups may work with local food banks in providing fresh produce, youth groups such as 4H clubs, city beautification projects, and much more.  So when you purchase your safe bird plants and edible flowers for your birds, you are helping to give back to your community too.

Check out our Pinterest Board: Safe Plants and Edible Flowers for Birds with lots of photos of safe plants and flowers.  Also be sure to visit our website at: Safe Plants and Trees for Birds for a more complete list of plants and trees that are considered safe for parrots.

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