Saturday, April 15, 2017

Parrot Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market

Have you checked out your local Farmers Market yet?

It's a great place to shop for your parrot.

Fresh foods, organic foods, locally grown foods, super nutrition at reasonable prices.

In the south, I already have some great food choices at my local market for my parrots such as strawberries, lots of fresh greens, non-acid tomatoes, and sweet potatoes,

Visit your local farmers market and get to know the growers to find out the best time to shop, when certain foods will most likely be available,  You can also find some great starter plants for your own garden.  I purchased two cherry tomato plants myself this morning.  They are sweet small cherry tomatoes and my parrots and grandchildren love them.  I'm trying to decide whether to plant them in my flower bed or in some pots on the patio.  Either way, we will all enjoy them this summer.

By shopping at your local farmers market for your parrots and yourself, you not only guarantee your food is super fresh and the highest quality nutrition, you will also help support your local farmers who work hard to provide good food at good prices.

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