Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keep your Pets Safe During the 4th of July Holiday

With 4th of July Independence Day celebrations this weekend, please remember you pets may not love all the people and sounds of the celebration.  The pops and bangs of fireworks can be quite unnerving to many furred and feathered friends.

The sound of fireworks make my own birds nervous.  Some get flighty, especially the cockatiels, and some get very quiet, usually the amazons.   Even my little dog is nervous and yappy at all the loud pops and sizzles and extra family and friends visiting for the holiday.

It's easier for me to calm my dog than it is to calm my birds.  I can snuggle the pup up to me and partially cover with her blanket, and walk outside with her when necessary.  However, some of my birds are not snugglers, and even the sweet ones may become nippy when unsettled by loud noises and extra people in their home.

I partially or fully cover the cage of any bird that gets very upset and that helps them feel more protected and they settle down better.  I include special treats in everyone's dish in the hope that getting a special treat helps distract them from the goings on.  I'm lucky that my birds are in their own bird sun room so it's easy to keep visitors out of their room.  If you bird is usually where people gather, you may want to consider moving the cage into a quiet bedroom until after the fireworks and visitors are gone.  If the cage is too big to move, a sleep cage or even a travel carrier can work just as well.

A little planning ahead of time for the feathered and furred family members will help make your July 4th weekend a fun celebration for all.

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