Thursday, May 14, 2015

Does Your Bird have a Favorite Fruit or Veggie?

I am often asked what are some healthy fruits and vegetables to feed a bird.  Healthy foods are always the goal, but if your bird won't touch them, well a 'bird's gonna do what a bird's gonna do'.  So here are 3 suggestions of some fun fruits and veggies to try.  All it sometimes takes is one new veggie or fruit piece to start your bird on a healthier diet.

I love feeding carrot tops and carrots.  Carrots and carrot tops are awesome Vitamin A sources for your bird.  All of our birds from the smallest finches to the largest Macaw, have fun while they eat them.  I rinse the carrot tops and weave through the bars of a cage for the small birds who love munching, shredding, and even enjoying the wet greenery as a refreshment.  The added bonus of feeding carrot tops, is that if you are growing them in a pot or your garden, clipping the tops only encourages them to produce more carrot tops.  That's a win-win.

Watermelon is a yummy super food that you may not have thought of for your bird.  Most people think of
watermelon as a food that is mostly water.  That's true, but this refreshing fruit is loaded with vitamins A, B6, C, and other goodies.  It's low fat (as most vegetables and fruits are) and healthy.    Larger birds can even enjoy watermelon seeds and some will love the meat of the watermelon close to the rind as much as the juicy red center.  Try small pieces for small birds, you can even float a chunk in a water dish to capture your bird's curiosity.   Freeze some watermelon in an ice cube for larger birds and place it in their water dish.  Watch the fun begin.  (Don't forget to give clean water after the snack)

 Summer squash can be a fun food as well.  Chunks and slices are loved by our bigger birds.  But surprisingly even the small birds love picking out the squash seeds.  Sometimes eating them, sometimes just playing with them.  Playing with your food however is highly recommended.  Squash is a great vitamin C source for your bird as well as other many health benefits.

Make a fun kabob with some squash, watermelon, and carrot slices.  Weave some carrot tops in, and not only provide something healthy, but also something that can be fun and entertaining for your bird.

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