Saturday, January 04, 2014

Saturday Fruit Salad

Today's Saturday Fruit Salad includes some banana, apple, and orange chunks.

I always peel my apples to be sure no wax, or pesticides are any longer present. Apples are a great help with my older birds who may have a little trouble digesting all aspects of their food.

Apples are high in fiber and are a natural laxative and digestive aid for all parrots, but especially older birds.  They have many other nutritional stars and almost all of my birds just love them.  Doesn't matter if they are red or green, apples are a favorite always.  Even my finches and canaries from days long ago, enjoyed a bit of apple so don't think fruit is only for the larger birds..

Bananas are also a fav of almost all of my birds, especially the larger parrots.  I think they enjoy the mushiness of the ripe bananas.  Most of mine do not like the firmer bananas as much as the softer well ripened ones.  Which works out well because I don't particularly care for the over-ripened ones so those are always given to the birds.  Bananas are chock full of natural goodness too.

I once attended a seminar given by a very well known Avian Vet who stated feeding your bird a piece of orange once a week, would help prevent yeast infections naturally.  I can't affirm if this is 100% true, but my birds love the juicy sweetness of oranges, and I personally have not had a bird with a yeast infection in many years.  Because of the acidity, I do not feed them daily, but oranges too are full of natural healthy sunshine.

It is absolutely amazing how quiet the bird room becomes immediately after the fruit salad is served.

Beaks full of yumminess, no time for squawking right now.

What's in your fruit salad today?

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