Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are you just a little Obsessed?

As many of us bird people will know, the word "obsession" is an interesting word and often applied to animal and parrot loving people.  Whether it is a true or false accusation, it is often well known by many of us.  

We are known as the bird lady, the cat lady, the dog lady, the hamster lady, and so on and so on.

I confess that I must own up to this parrot obsession on occasion.  I have been known to be obsessed with parrot things quite a few times in my life.  I am not limited to only the living feathery creatures, who chatter away in my birdroom, I truly love everything parrot.  I have parrot t-shirts, framed parrot art, figurines and statues, parrot pillows, salt and pepper shakers, and many other parrot things.  There seems to be this invisible magnet which draws me to anything parrot everywhere I go.

When remodeling and redecorating our home a while back, I brought home wallpaper border samples to share with my understanding husband who simply nodded and commented how nice they were.  As I'm sure you can guess, I had found beautiful parrot borders.  Two styles just perfect for 2 different rooms in my home.  What a pleasure to enjoy those happy cockatiels, beautiful cockatoos and vivid colored macaws whenever I entered the rooms.

I'm really not an eccentric parrot lady, I'm just a little obsessed.

The only time I can remember drawing a line across my obsession was when on vacation I found a lovely pair of blue and green budgies.  A lively looking pair sitting side by side with the quirky look only a budgie can give.  I excitedly picked them up, and yes I really did covet them a little.  My husband cocked an eyebrow and calmly stated "they are plastic you know".  Of course I knew, I had realized that fact immediately.  Obviously the non-bird husband did not understand the value of my find.  I can find lots of macaws, toucans, and cockatoos, but budgies, now budgies are rare.  I tried to explain this important point to him but he was stuck on "but they are plastic".  So admitting defeat, I gingerly set them back on the store shelf and forced myself to walk away with only one backward glance (well maybe two backward glances).

So my obsession and I trudge onward, adding a bit of "parrot" whenever I can.  I rationalize my obsession with the fact that I do not want to own every beautiful living species of parrot, so why can't I own at least an inanimate collection of them.

However, should I ever see a pair of beautiful blue and green budgies again, plastic or not, I bet I buy them without a second of hesitation.

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