Monday, January 06, 2014

A little Birdie told me it's cold outside

My "birdroom" is a sunroom addition that was added many years ago.  In the spring and summer, and even the fall, the birds can enjoy the plentiful sunshine with two walls of windows, and a third wall of ceiling to floor glass.  They enjoy watching the outside wildlife, and screaming their parrot warning when a wild flock flies by.  They enjoy the fresh air as well (even though I doubt the neighbors within hearing distance enjoy them enjoying).

Unfortunately, in the winter, the room can be not quite so enjoyable.  On colder than normal freezing days and nights the room is quite chilly.  Although all glass windows have mini-blinds to help keep the cold out, as well as a sheet of winterizing plastic on the outside, the room is still colder than the rest of the house. 

So to prepare for our 5 degree  temps expected tonight which really are unheard of in the south, I have placed an extra layer of blankets on the backside of all cages near windows.  Cages that can be moved, have been brought toward the center of the room as well.  However the larger flights have extra blankets hung down the side near glass as they cannot be moved so easily.  

Although the bird room shares the house's central heating and cooling system, 2 extra oil filled bird safe radiators will be strategically placed in the sunroom for extra heat for the birds.  The birdroom door into the main house will be left open with a closed screen door to keep the kitties with curiosity out of the room.

I also have plenty of small carriers should the power go off, and everything needed to fire up the wood burning fireplace.  I have already had it inspected and a couple of trial runs with the fireplace this winter to make sure everything is in working order.  Flashlights, extra water saved, plenty of bird food, cat food, dog food, and human rations on hand.  If worse case scenario occurs, the birds, the cats, the dog, and their human can camp out temporarily in the roomy den.

So bring it on Old Man Winter, we are prepared.  I was a Girl Scout you know, so I'm always prepared, well almost always. 

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