Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Does My Bird Scream?

This question is asked by many bird owners.  Since there are many different reasons why a bird may be more vocal than normal, a close look at health, environment, past history, and behavioral problems would be in order.  Also remember what is a loud noisey parrot to one person, may be a very quiet bird to another.  Noise is definitely relevant to each individual.  A macaw yelling out the excitement of the day is loud to me, a budgie not so much.  Yet often I hear owners who bought a parakeet at the local pet store complain about how they had no idea that bird was going to make so much noise.  Hmmm, obviously their personal noise level is much lower than mine.  Some even think a finch is a noisey little critter.

The difference sometimes is not actually the volume level, but the noise repetitiveness.  Budgies and finches chatter and sing pretty much all day if they are happy and well taken care of.  It's sometimes the fact that they are always going vocally that makes them noisey to some people.  It's not that they are actually loud.

If you live with birds there is going to be some noise, loud or constant, for most humans.  You can adjust your noise tolerance, try and adjust the bird's noise level if it's too loud, or just learn to live with it if you love your bird.

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