Friday, March 18, 2011

Teaching Your Parrot to Talk

Customer Question: How can I train my senegal parrot,to speak?

Answer: Although all parrots have the ability to speak as we do, not all parrots do so. Some species are known to be better talkers than others as well. Lots of patience is necessary, as well as understanding that parrots like to repeat words they hear often, or hear with great emphasis. Such as your bird suddenly repeating the no-no word you yelled out when you dropped that book on your toe the other day. The way you say a word is often more important than what you say. For example saying 'hello' every morning to your bird might be rather uninteresting, but a great big happy "HELLOOOOO" should catch your bird's interest and maybe tempt him to repeat it back to you.

For more information on some of the better known species for talking, as well as additional information check out our full article by clicking "HERE".

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