Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Fruit Bread

This spring inspired fruity birdie bread smells as yummy as it tastes. With chunks of mango, strawberries, and coconut cubes, in a nutritious Harrison's bread mix, this spring time delight will be a winner for any bird's discriminating taste.

Bake in mini size cupcake paper holders for a size just perfect for your bird to hold in its foot, or can be crumbled into the dish for birds who prefer not to get their feet a little messy. Cooked muffins can be placed into freezer bags and then you can remove as many as needed daily for a fun treat every day until gone.

Easy to follow directions here. Fruit Bread


Simple Southern Happiness said...

Thank you for posting this recipe, My babies will love it.

Bryan said...

Wow! The birdie bread definitely looks yummy. Seriously I have yet to try making birdie bread for my Black Capped Conure, Kacy, but I guess this recipe you've shared will come in handy!