Monday, January 18, 2010

Should you buy organic for your bird?

As bird owners we usually ask ourselves whether we should buy organic fruits and vegetables for our birds. Is organic better, safer? What about pesticides that may cling to fruits and vegetables? In this day when budgets are tighter, buying organic is not always in the budget.

We came across a very helpful web site that may help you know when to choose organic, and when buying less expensive non-organic fruits and vegetables for your bird is okay too.

This site gives you the current top 15 foods that have less pesticides, or come to market with less than the average of unwanted extras that can be very harmful to a bird if not removed before feeding. The site also gives you a list of the "dirtiest" foods to help you know when to be careful in cleaning these foods before serving to your bird, or to buy organic if possible to lesson the chance of feeding your bird potentially dangerous pesticides.

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Simple Southern Happiness said...

I know in this day and time money is tight, buying organic is more costly. Thank you for your info. I do purchase organic for my birds all the time.