Friday, January 08, 2010

How fat is my Bird's Nut?

We are often asked what nut is a good nut to feed.  Although some species seems to do better with more or sometimes less, fat, we thought we would share some information on nuts in general to help bird owners decide which nuts are best for their birds.

Pistachio nuts, again a very popular treat for parrots, contains approximately 44% fat and 20% protein;
Cashew Nuts contain approximately 46% fat and 15% protein;
Almonds another very popular nut fed to parrots contains approximately 50% fat and 21% protein;
Hazelnuts or Filberts contain approximately 61% fat and 15% protein;
Walnuts contain approximately 65% fat and 15% protein;
Brazil Nuts contain approximately 67% fat and 14% protein;
Pine nuts are a very popular nut treat and contain approximately 68% fat and 16% protein;
Pecans, often though of as a higher fat nut, contains approximately 71% fat and 10% protein;Macadamia nuts are approximately 75% fat and 9% protein.

Peanuts are not actually a nut, but rather a legume and they are considered by some as containing "good fat".  Peanuts do contain approximately 22% fat and 6% protein.

We encourage bird owners to do their own research into the pros and cons of any treats you give your bird.


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