Friday, July 24, 2009

My Cockatiel is Flying Across the County

Question: I am taking my cockatiel on a trip with me and we will be flying across the country. I have ordered the solid top carrier and wanted to know if I should put a perch inside and if so, what kind of perch would be best? Should I put something in the bottom of the carrier too?

Answer: Putting just a small hand towel in the bottom of the carrier so your bird will have better footing on the bottom of the carrier should be sufficient for the trip. If you choose to put a perch inside the carrier, be sure the perch is only an inch or two above the bottom. That way, if the carrier is tilted and your bird tumbles off the perch, the fall will not be enough to cause any injuries.

The bolt on Sandy Perches or the Safety Perches can be easily used inside this carrier as the carrier has vent holes that the attaching hardware of the perches will fit through.

You can also cut a wooden dowel the width of the carrier if you prefer and drill small holes in each end, and then attach washers and screws to the ends of the dowel through the carrier holes to hold it safely in place during the trip.

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