Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend!

With the upcoming holiday Labor Day weekend approaching, it's a good time to review safety for your birds. With many people celebrating the weekend with family and friends, there may be lots of people going in and out of your home during that weekend barbeque.

If you clip your bird' flight feathers, make sure no new feathers have grown in recently to prevent a bird from flying out an open door with an unsuspecting person. Keeping a bird safely inside it's cage during this time of activity may be even safer. If your bird become nervous with people around that it doesn't know, you may want to move your bird's cage into your bedroom or other safe area, so your bird can feel secure. This may also prevent unsuspecting children or even adults who do not believe birds will bite, from sticking fingers in cages and being bitten.

Keeping both your bird and your visitors safe should be top priority this holiday weekend.

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