Friday, February 24, 2006

Wild Quaker Colony Ft. Worth, Texas

These pictures were taken of the wild colony of Quakers in Texas in January 2006 in the Ft. Worth area.

"When we first got there we were startled because we didn't see any of theQuakers and didn't hear any squawking and thought that they were ......well, we didn't want to quess. Usually when we go they are all flying around, bringing sticks to the nests and making a real racket....but there was nothing. Then we looked up into the trees and what I first thought were leaves were really the Quakers, just hanging around taking it easy. Then we realized that this was their down time and they were resting up for the big hormone surge in the spring. LOL


1. This a "Quaker Tree" leaves, just Quakers. LOL

2. Some of their nests

3. More nests

4. Another Quaker Tree

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