Friday, September 16, 2005

Update on Hurricane Katrina Relief by 911ParrotAlerts

Via the internet we have received the following email that was sent out by Mattie Sue Atham who has flown down to help with the relief work in Louisana being done by Donna Powell with 911ParrotAlerts:
On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:09AM "Mattie Sue Athan" writes:Weather is nice, water is drinkable, there is power, but otherwise the bird rescue situation is awful down here, need people to feed babies, medicate sick and injured birds, go pickup birds, assemble cages, feed, clean, build. More than a hundred birds already here, more than a hundred coming in today, expect 400-500 by the weekend. Companion, breeder and baby birds being sent here from LSU Veterinary School and many local shelters which are overflowing with dogs. Don't call, don't write, just come to Donna's house at 16365Woodmere Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70819, my phone number is918-812-1099, but T-mobile towers are iffy here.Please. Many hands and minds are needed. ... If anybody can't come, but they have a friend who can, but can't afford the gas(it's $2.49/gal here, maybe a freeze on prices), give them money and put them into the car. There are a dozen or so volunteers here. Everybody left to go pick up more birds. I'm supposed to medicate, haven't slept, having trouble understanding meds directions. It's far, far, worse than I imagined. I've got a fresh bottle of whiskey, but no coffee. I'm drinking water. What a nightmare.

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