Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Beginning!

There has to be a beginnig right? Right! Well, welcome to the beginning of the Parrot Press News Weblog Journal.

What is the Parrot Press News Journal you ask. Well, it's a Blog, it's a Weblog, it's a Journal, it's an interactive Forum of sorts, it's a Live Newsletter, but most of all, we hope it's a place with lots and lots of great parrot and bird information, tips, takes, and talkings.

We will share links to other fabulous bird and parrot sites as well as great sites devoted to nature and the wonderous delights that lie therein. A sharing place for stories of our pet birds, our wild native birds, as well as other creatures great and small. We will showcase bird products reviews, introduce new pet products, and share the warnings of the not so good, whether new or not. A top priority will also be to spread the word of the many dangers to our beloved feathered friends that lurk everywhere.

So let's begin!

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