Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small birds like Big Bird Toys Too

My small bird prefers really big toys, is that normal?

Some people may think this is an unusual question, but it really is not.  Bird toy preferences are very individual among birds.

Some small birds such as medium and large Conures, Mini Macaws, and similar sized birds, often prefer larger bird toys with lots of soft wood to destroy.  Larger bells make more noise which seems to be a good thing for some birds.  Small bird toys just don't meet the requirements of such active and fun loving parrots.  

On the other hand, there are also some very large birds who enjoy smaller delicate and intricate bird toys.  My amazon PJ loves small toys that he can hold in his foot and dismantle.  I never give large bird toys to my African Grey Shiloh as he is convinced new toys are out to get him.  He enjoys small and medium sized bird toys.  My Macaw Cosmo, will play with all sizes of toys from Cockatiel size to the largest macaw size toys.  Sure she makes quick work out of those smaller toys, but sometimes she just needs some variety.  When giving smaller toys to larger birds, supervise, supervise, supervise.  Small beads, bells, and such, are often not the best choice for large parrots.  Even if you think you know your bird, still supervise play and safety with any and all bird toys.

Small bird toys without bells can often make a great foot toy for larger parrots.  Large bird toys with lots of colorful soft wood shapes can often create a great challenge for smaller birds who love to destroy and need to stay busy.

There is a perfect size bird toy for every bird.  Sometimes it may seem like a mismatch when in reality it's the perfect match.  Just remember to supervise your bird as you would a small toddler, as birds can always find a way to get into trouble. Check toys often for wear and tear and replace just as often for new fun and more fun.

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Linda said...

Cosmo looks good. I am good on lory food till the last week of April.