Thursday, March 06, 2014

Spring into some Carrot Tops

If you are like me, you are oh so ready to spring into some warmer weather.

With that abundant sunshine and warmth, I always go into gardening mode.  I start thinking about all the plants and veggies I would love to grow, and then I begin to whittle down the list to something that I can in reality take care of.

Gardening for my birds is fun for me and a win-win for my birds.  Gardening for your bird doesn't require a lot of space and a lot of physical work.  It can be as simple as planting some carrot seeds in a big pot and creating delicious carrot tops for your bird.  Cutting the tops to give your bird, does not limit your crop.  Those carrots will just keep on growing providing lots of greens for your bird all summer long.  Just plant the seeds in some good planting soil, water as needed, and provide plenty of sunshine.  Grow them in the garden or even in a planter in a sunny room indoors.

If your planter is large enough, you might even harvest a few carrots later in the season, but if not, those carrot greens will delight your bird and provide good nutrition.

I find all my birds have loved carrots tops from finches to the Cockatoos.

So spring into your Spring this year with a big pot of carrot tops.

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