Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October is National Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness month and that should include bird wellness as well as dogs and cats. Most Avian Veterinarians recommend twice yearly bird checkups to help you keep your bird as healthy as can be.

As birds can be the focus of predatory animals in the wild, it's just natural that birds hide any illness as hard as they can. Sometimes an owner may not see a health issue until the problem is severe. Healthy bird checkups can help prevent sick bird emergency visits in many cases. These well bird visits also give you and your Avian Veterinarian a chance to discuss diet, weight, and behavioral aspects of your pet bird.

So before all the seasonal holiday festivities begin, why not make your bird a visit with your veternairan and make sure all is well within your flock.

If you need to locate an Avian Veterinarian visit here.

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