Thursday, October 08, 2009

October is National Pasta Month

October is National Pasta Month so why not cook up some colorful yummy pasta for your bird.  Most parrots, and even little finches and canaries, usually love pasta. 

Pictured is Crazy Corn's Polly Pasta which is an easy pre-mixed pasta bag with lots of nutritious birdie goodies for any size bird.

Or, if you have a little extra time, put together your own special pasta mix for your favorite bird and share your recipe with all bird lovers.  Mix in some vegetables and other goodies, to make a very special pasta treat.

We would love to hear what pasta meal you come up with to please your bird!


don said...

Pasta? I have a 31 year old b&g macaw shadow by name since 1978.
You cannot even spell pasta without him going a bit crazy.
The bird just loves his pasta. Mainly we just eat angel hair but to him I don't believe it would matter.
Nice article.

Lori said...

My African Grey, Smokey, loves pasta also. He is not picky, any type will do. He does like to have a little tomato sauce on it though, he is a little spoiled.

I like your blog, great pictures.