Sunday, July 09, 2006

An Owner's Perspective

As I walk through the local grocery store with Chanceman on my shoulder, I stop at the veggies and fruits and talk quietly, asking C-man what looks good to him. I feel a beak push its way into my ear and I shake my head. I wish he would move to my other shoulder so I could check before anyone else notices. You see, this little green quaker parrot sits on my right shoulder having juice and cracker with me almost every night, and I do other things, like read the Fonzie books to him or look through magazines, separate safflower seeds from the other pellets and grains that I have in a large plastic bucket (because quakers don't need safflower seeds, too oily and fatty) or just watch tv. Chanceman has gotten quite good at putting chewed cracker in my ear without my knowing this, and since I've already taken a shower, I'm not picking at my ears. And as the next day starts and we go about our "work", he checks to see if the cracker is still there, because he wants a snack. If he finds no snack, he starts yelling "good pea.....good pea.....good pea", meaning he wants snap peas, but the other shoppers don't know this, I get very funny looks...........most of the time.

I'm a companion human to four smaller parrots, two clutchmate sibling greencheek conures, Baby Five Oh and Little Dime 3 and two quakers, Chanceman and Bitsy Lu(cifer) I work out of an office in my home, or the other way around (not sure yet) and I'm with these birds 24/7 unless I go shopping without them. Maybe that's why most of them talk so well, as we spend a lot of time together.

I manage a 200 lot mobile home park, so you could say I babysit 400 people (that I know of, there could be more), and I look back on the first 6 months in this park and in this little town, and I don't know how I made it. But, I know four little creatures that could tell you how! I hated this place. I was so lonely. I did not purchase a bird just because I was lonely, though, I really wanted another bird, like the brotogeris I had for about 5 years in my 20's. I'm a lot older now and I realize that I knew absolutely nothing about parrots back then, and due to my inexpertise, I knew little about clipping wings and nails and after 5 years, Pookie flew out an open door, never to return. I vowed that would never happen again.

I wanted Baby Five Oh, I did not want Chanceman, he was a quaker and didn't have bright colors. But, how he ended up 'staying forever' is another story, but bird people must be the dumbest people on earth, our children finally leave the nest and what do we do? We bring in little feathered creatures that have the intelligence of a 3 to 4 year old and can live up to 80 years and more, depending on the species. Well, I'm proud to be one of those dumb bird people, because we have a happy house; when I hear Chanceman say, "I don't have any gum in my mouth" and Bitsy Lu answering, "I don't have either" (gets words mixed up), I laugh everytime.

I haven't worn ear rings nor worn cologne since Baby Five Oh moved in. Of course, I haven't worn anything except jeans, sweatpants and shorts for the past 8 years, but that's because I where I live. We quit smoking a long time ago, so that's no problem, no candles in the house doesn't bother me, no spraying and no teflon, no big deal. I know I probably am the same person I was with lizards on my shoulder and ferrets on a leash, but nothing can beat getting up in the morning and feeling so tired, and hearing Baby Five Oh shout, "good morning.....I love you". Tell me how you can be in a bad mood after that? I'm truly blessed.

A friend of mine once said, "I don't know what's worse, getting puked on or being bit", and she's right......we bird people get both of those, a lot, but I can't even imagine living without these 'little people in green jackets'.

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